Rejection & Other Happy Endings


Synopsis: “Rejection and Other Happy Endings” is a short personal documentary. It is an investigation of my relationship to rejection, and rejection’s relationship to queer identity. Rejection is a universal experience that can be truly tragic, and at the same time considered insignificant. When left unprocessed, it can form harmful patterns in individuals and communities that continue through generations. As a mixed-race, transgender, assigned-female-at birth queer person, I carry the effects of rejection with me every day. By documenting my process of discovery, I hope to open myself to connection and healing, and cultivate a healthy reframing for community members of similar experience.

Directed By: Danny Tayara

Year: In Production (Est. 2019)

Run Time: Est. 15-20 min.

Language: English

Genre: LGBTQIA+, Transgender, Gay, Mixed-Race, Social Justice, Syrian, Racism, Social Commentary

Booking: This film is in production. Please use the contact form on the website to request a rough cut for festival consideration.

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